Who We Are


Over 20 years of experience, O. Makeba Designs, LLC has been thriving, helping small and large companies, as well as individuals, achieve their goals. From traditional art to graphics and illustrations, O. Makeba provides a world of creativity that fits your needs.

She is dedicated to art but discovering it at 5 years old, Makeba has created an art design company that satisfies the artistic pretension related to graphics, illustrations and everything the web needs. She is the Owner and Operator of O.Makeba Designs, LLC. Makeba builds an educational perspective on technological art by providing private sessions and classes for the Seven Arts Center. Makeba has also designed graphics, murals, and paintings for her small and large enterprise clients.


Awards: Woman of the Year from the GA Clergy 2010, St. Patrick Day Honoree in Illustration, SCAD Master Scholarship program in Illustration, National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) Designed words: Painting for Singles & Couples, plus the Kids Club at Seven Arts Center Illustrated books: I am Princess, Zuri the Fairy, Jean Head Music Box, African American Crosswords, Sacred Symbols of Life Coloring book and more;.

What i do

Art | Illustration (book) Design | Portraits | Character Design | Animation | Web design temp | Logo design | Brand Identity | Print design | Tutorials.